Urinary problems in women, urine inflammation

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Urine infection is more for women. Almost all women are known with discomfort, abdominal pain during urine. Due to urinary bladder infection; it is common urine inflammation and discomfort, frequent urine.
There may be abdominal pain or fever. Although, many of these symptoms may not be there.
However, if you have urine inflammation, then you should take advise from the doctor. You should accept appropriate antibiotics in the right time and at the right level.
And those who are vulnerable to frequent urinary infections can take long-term treatment.

Sonia Mukherjee, the gynecologist at the Apollo Hospitals, told Jugantar about different issues related to urinary problems in women.

Dr. Sonia Mukherjee told Jugantar that most of the women are known to the urinary problems. Especially middle-aged and elderly women have high urinary problems.
If it is suspected that urinary has been infected; then you should be examined as soon as possible. And consult with a doctor. People who have frequent infections problems; can take long-term treatment.

He said that during menstrual periods, excessive use of napkin, partner’s urine infections, side effects of medicines and other various reasons can also cause urinary inflammation.
There must be caution in this case. If you want to stay healthy; Of course, to drink plenty of water.


Why urinary is infected
Cervical infections, vaginal transmission of fungal infections or climacteric germs can cause urinary inflammation.
There may also be urinary infections due to abdominal pain, menstrual pain, side-effects of soap or cosmetics or pad allergies.
There is a problem with diabetes, kidney problems or stones, urinary tract problems; if there is a frequent infections. You should check it, soon.

The issues that must be kept in mind in order to avoid urinary infection

Menstrual cycle time:
There may be abdominal pain during menstrual period. At this time urine may be inflammed. So, drink plenty of water during the menstrual period.

Sanitary napkin:
Use of sanitary napkin (more than 7 hours) may result in allergic and urinary infection. For this reason, the use of sanitary napkin for longer time should be avoided.

Intercourse with partner:
One thing to be careful about, before intercourse with the partner; That your partner has had urinary infection. If it had, then you must refrain from the intercourse.
Because the infection of the partner can cause your urinary infection.

Drink lots of water:
If you want to get rid of urinary infections, then drink plenty of water. It is important to drink pure water to avoid urinary infection.

Not eating meat, eating vegetables:
During the menstrual period, eating meat should be avoided. At this time, instead of meat, eat vegetables.

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