To solve acne problems, you should have follow some tips

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People from all ages suffer from acne problems. The brightness and beauty of the body skin or mouth skin spoils due to acne.
Acne usually occurs on the cheeks, shoulders, forehead, chest, nose, throat.
Most of the people do not get rid of it; although they are trying a lot. As a result, they fall in frustration.

Doctors say that the main reason of acne problem, Acne or acne-related skin problems occur mainly due to changes in body hormones.
But the solution to the problem of acne is in our hand.
Some domestic ways, through which acne will removed from your skin without any side effects. Let’s know what they are –

A few tips to solve your acne problems

Apple and honey are the most popular domestic methods to remove acne scars. First make apple paste and add 4-6 drops of honey.
Put the mixture in the mouth and body skin; After waiting for a while; then wash the face with cold water.
It retains the skin tone and the color of the skin lightens. It can be used 5-6 times a week. You can feel the change within a few days.

The best way to eliminate Acne or acne scars, is toothpaste. Toothpaste is the most common domestic product, that you can use for acne problems.
Place the toothpaste on acne affected area of the skin, or the place where there is acne scars and keep this for overnight. Wash the toothpaste with water in the morning.
Lemon juice and same amount of rose water mixed together and place on the skin that affected by acne. It will be very easy method to get rid of acne problems.


There is no pair of honey to clean the skin. Use honey on the skin affected by acne. After one hour wash with water. It can also reduce your acne problems.

Dry orange pea and make a paste with the mixture of pea, pulse and rice. Mix the paste with chandanwood powder, mulantani soil, orange pea powder.
You can also mix two spoons of milk in this mixture.
Place this paste on the mouth or body skin, where there is acne scars. Wash with water after a while. Apply this pack regularly. You will see that skin acne problem reduces. Acne scars will be removed.

Use white part of the egg and place on the skin that affected by acne. After that, let it dry. Use it 4 times consecutively.

Garlic is used as an antibiotic ingredient. Use garlic paste directly on acne. Wash with water after 15-20 minutes. It will remove your acne problems.

Cinnamon and honey have natural antimicrobial elements. These two together destroyed the acne germs.
Mix 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder and 2 tablespoons honey and mix together. Now apply it to acne. After drying, wash with cold water. You see that acne is being dried or become small.

Papaya removes dead skin cells and reduces fat from the face. Take a piece of papaya and paste it. Before using this paste, wash your face with light hot water.
This will open the pores of your mouth skin. Then add papaya paste to acne. After drying, wash your face with light hot water.
Strawberry has salicylic acid. It also removes skin acne as well as removes skin infections.
Take 3 strawberry and paste it. Then the paste mixed with two teaspoon honey. Wash your mouth with warm water before using the paste.

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