Salt and hypertension; to avoid eating foods that contain excess salt

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Mr. Kader is 60 years old. He has been suffering from high blood pressure for the last 7 years. For the control of high blood pressure, he consumes three blood pressure medicines;
But there is no control in blood pressure. He said that he has a habit of eating excess salt with food for many years.

When he asked to avoid eating excess salt, then he wanted to answer some questions.

What is the role of excess salt in the control of blood pressure?
Extra water with salts is added to the blood in the body when eating excess salt; As a result, the volume of bloods that increases blood pressure.

Which foods contain excess salt?

Saline marine fish:
Marine fish contain plenty of omega-3 unsaturated fats which are good for health.
If salt is used to make dried fish, then it is not healthy. Snails and canned tuna fish are abundant in salt; That’s why Fresh Tuna Fishes, Salmon Fishes and other Marine Fishes are good for health.

3 ounces of canned tuna fish has about 300 grams of salt, 4 large marine shrimp fish have about 200 grams of salt.
So before eating a meal it is necessary to see the food label. Which food is served in every meal, so that there is no more than 140 grams.

What is the servings?
One serving is the amount of food that a person eats at one time.

What is the amount of salts in bottle soups and vegetables?


There is plenty of sodium or salt in any kind of bottle foods. There are 1300 milligrams of salt in a bottle soup. Therefore, we should eat fresh vegetables.
1/2 cup cooked fresh carrots contain only 45 milligrams salt and 1 cup of cooked fresh beans contain only 1 milligram salt.

Whether frozen foods, slice meats, hot dogs and breakfast cereals are healthy?
Frozen foods such as pizzas or meats, there may be salt up to 1800 miligrams.
Slice meat and hot dog food items contain salt upto 700 miligrams.
In the morning, breakfast cereals and other processed foods contain plenty of sodium or salt. Biscuit and pancake contain salt up to 800 milligrams.

Ketchup, flavors and soyas are healthy?
The ketchup and flavors used to make delicious and fragrant of foods.There contain plenty of sodium or salt. 1 table spoon ketchup contains 150 milligram Salt and 1 tablespoon of soyas contain 1000 milligram salt.

Is there more salt in the dairy foods?
Although, in dairy foods contain plenty of calcium and Vitamin D; But some dairy foods such as cottage cheese, butter milk, processed cheeses contain plenty of sodium or salt.
About 1 ounce american cheeses have about 400 mg salt.
Low-saline dairies such as mozzarella (cheese), Swiss cheeses can be eaten.

What is the amount of sodium or salt in vegetable juices?
Condensed tomato juice contains about 700 mg of salt per 8 ounce. But fresh tomato juice contains low salt. There is only 11mg salt in 12 small tomatoes.

What is the name of other foods that contain plenty of sodium or salt?
Tortilla national Mexican bread contains plenty of sodium or salt.
Instead of bread made from flour, the bread made from maize is low in salt. Soyas and meat ball are abundant in sodium or salt.

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