Hair dandruff and natural treatment to get rid of

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Due to head skin drying, usually causes hair dandruff. The dandruff epidemic is more common in winter due to dry weather.
Because the dryness of the skin increases in the winter. But the biggest irritation of dandruff is repeatedly brought back to the hair after the many treatments.
Even after using good brand shampoo from the market, the dandruff is not eliminated for ever.
So do not sit on the basis of artificial means, remove the dandruff in natural ways. Those have no side effects.

Why are dandruff?

Dandruff may be due to many reasons. The most common cause of dandruff can be called seborrhoeic dermatitis, or oily and itching skin problem.
There is a type of fungus called Melasezia. This malasezia fungus live on the head of all adults. Melasezia fungus helps in growing new skin cells.
But in the condition of oil spots on the head skin; This fungus can cause a hazardous for the head skin. The extra skin cells born in this condition die and fall.
The white or yellow dandruff that comes out from our head and hair, is actually the dead cells of our skin.
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How to remove hair dandruff?

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is quite effective in removing hair dandruff. Before shampoo, rub the oil on hair very well for three to five minutes. Wait an hour. Then shampoo and conditioning.
If you want to use coconut oil rich shampoo.


Lemon juice:
Two tablespoons of lemon juice rub on hair and head very well. Then wash it with water. Now one tablespoon lemon juice mixed with one cup of water; Wash your head with that water.
Every day, if you clean the hair and head in this way, then the dandruff will not come back. Lemon juice Acid maintain the balance of PH in head skin and hair; which removes dandruff.

Aloe vera juice:
Aloevara juice removes hair dandruff and softens hair. Before shampoo, rub the head thoroughly with the aloe vera juice. Then remove it and wash with shampoo.
The skin of the head will remain cold, the itching will be eliminated and the problems of dandruff will be solved.

Fenugreek oil:
Mix fenugreek oil with ordinary coconut oil and keep it in bottles for a few days. Regularly use this fenugreek oil and put it on the head. Wash in the morning by rubbing at night.
In this way, both head and skin will be good for regular use. Get rid of dandruff.
Garlic is very useful in preventing dandruff. Apply garlic paste for a while and rub it well. If you want to remove the smell of garlic, mix honey with it.
Then shampoo hair and wash hair. As well as removing dandruff from the hair, it will bring the brightness of the hair.

Olive oil:
Keep olive oil in the hair all night. Then Shampoo in the next morning lightly, and rub it out. It will help to remove hair dandruff quickly.

Mouthwash easily removes head dandruff. First wash hair with shampoo. Then rub the hair well with mouthwash. Wash it with water and use conditioner according to your hair. Mouthwash eliminates dandruff bacteria.

Baking soda:
First wash the hair. Then take some baking soda in the palm of hand; Smear on the head skin well. There is no need to shampoo. Just wash it with water.
Baking soda removes dandruff fungus. At first, maybe your hair will be dry for some time. Then gradually the oil will emit from the skin of the head, which will soften the hair and the hair will be dandruff free.

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