To get rid of the stink from the house, maintain some rules

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If the door-window is trapped most of the day, there is a bad smell inside the house.
However, there may be smell in the house for other reasons. In most cases, the odor goes away when the doors and windows are opened. But sometimes there is some smell that does not want to go easily.
This disgusting smell of the house is very uncomfortable for the people of the family. Again, at the same time, there is a guest at home suddenly; Have to fall embarrassing situations.
But do you know what?
There are so many ingredients in the kitchen which can be removed bad smell easily from the house.
Let’s know

how to remove the stench from the house?

Syraka is quite useful to keep children away from smoke or cooking. So put a sponge in sirake to remove the smell of smoking or cooking and put it in a container. Keep it aside for a few hours on one side of the room.
You will not see any smell. Besides, If you heat the sirka mixed with the water to remove the smell; it is found to be the same result.

Take a few pieces of apples and mixed with cinnamon, then boil for sometime. The smell of spices will fill the whole house.
Do not drop peas on the kitchen sink, especially potatoes or onion peas. These can make bad odor.

The smell of wood chopping boards:
After cutting the fish or meat on the wood cutting board, the odor may exist. To remove this smell, mix the salt or baking soda with lemon juice and rub it on the board.
You will see the smell is gone.

Stink from pet animals:
Keeping pets in the house carpets are stinking. Sprinkle vinegar on the carpet to remove this stink.
If the pungent stink comes from the animal litter box; Then put some dried tea leaves there.


If the baking soda or citrus fruit pieces are placed inside the dirt bin, then the bad odor is removed.

To remove the unpleasant smell of the bathroom; Place a cotton ball with a few drops of rose and citrus essential oil in one corner of the bathroom.
Pour a cup of vinegar to remove the bad smell of the comod. Thus, leave it for five minutes in the same way. Then flush it.

Living room:
If you put dhupkathi or Essential Oil in the living room, then it will spread the fragrance in the room. You can also keep fresh flowers on the flower table in the living room.

Plastic bowl smell:
Where the plastic bowl is kept, then it absorb that smell. Even after washing, it does not want to go away that bad smell.
Keep empty plastic bowls filled with newspapers and you will see that the bowl will not spread bad smell.

Common stink:
The house may be smelt bad without special reason. Prepare your own spray to remove this stench from the house. Make a spray with three portion of water, one-third rival spirits and 10-20 drops of your favorite Essential Oil.
Can be used anywhere in the bathroom, bedroom or home.

Bad smell from Cigarette:
Soack a small towel with a white vinegar and chip it with a hand and walk slowly; As it is done to remove mosquitoes. It will easily remove the bad smell of Cigarette completely by natural means.

Garbage bin stink:
There might be a lot of smell from the dirty basket. Wash it with a mixture of hot water and white vinegar, The smell will be gone forever. If the scum has scent in the junk, But right now you can not empty it; If this is the case, then give some coffee powder on top of it, the flavor will decrease the stench slightly.

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