Foods which reduce the physical power of our body

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There is a close relationship between diet and physical energy. Sometimes it stimulates the body.
Again there is some foods that have negative effects on our body.
Recently in a study found that, most of the men are suffering from problems of low sexual desire. The latest research has claimed that men are facing such problem due to the serious harmful effect of eating habits.
Studies show that eating habits can have a damaging effect on the libidos. Especially when the age increases, the chances of this harmful effect are increased.

So that the foods that reduce physical energy or waste this power; It is better to exclude them from the list of food.

Find out the name of such foods that decrease our physical power

Alcohol is harmful for health. The body weakens, and the appearance of a bad print. Besides, there is also a serious harm to physical energy.
Moreover, alcohol and rich food always keep you drowsy. As a result, you do not feel any more interesting in sexual intercourse.


Most products made from soybean contain a chemical substance called cytotrogen. It has adverse effects on the balance of hormones in men and women.
One study found that there is less interest in sexual intercourse among the people who enjoy soy products worldwide. So the men who are thinking about taking a child,
they should remove such foods from the foods list. Because the soy also reduces sperm count.

Mint leaves are more popular for aroma. But it is not good at all. It reduces the level of testosterone hormone in the body that causes the reduction of physical power.
Which cools down the body and reduces the interest in sexual intercourse. So it can be used for consume ginger instead of mint for aroma. Ginger has much benefit in this case.

Coffee plays an important role in boosting your physical relationship. The caffeine that remains in the coffee, keep your mood effective.
But eating too much coffee can be hazardous! It causes damage to the urinary tract. And creates imbalance between sexual and thyroid hormone.

Cheese made from cow’s milk is now quite accessible in the super market. Many do not concentrate to breakfast without cheese. Cheese is considered an artificial source of hormones and antibodies.
However, eating a lot of cheese, the body is exposed to estrogen-containing substances; Which reduces the sexual attraction of people. Even the effects of physical energy may be lost.

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