To avoid problems with digestion, you can follow some tips

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It is charming to eat various food items in the invitation! But your mind will be very bad if you have digestion problems.
Eating more heavy and oil-spicy foods may start stomach pains, stomach discomfort, dizziness, pneumatic air emissions or diarrhea.
Most of them are due to the disorder of digestion.
Irritating problems like indigestion, acidity, abdominal extra gas, dehydration and ventilation; To avoid such problems, you can follow some tips.

A few tips to solve your indigestion problems

Do not be rush during meals. With time, you will end up eating well, chewed well.
Eating in a hurry, the food is not properly digested. Besides, a lot of air entered into the stomach.

If you drink more water during the meal and in the middle, stomach acids become weak. And can not break the foods properly. So drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before eating.
There is not much water during eating. After eating, drink water after a while.

There is a problem of digesting different types of food for many people. Those who have Lactose Inltolerance, they can not eat milk and milk made foods.
Many people have problems in sweet products (such as fruit juice or chocolate, etc.).
Someone has problems with bread, barley or pulse diet. Whoever is in trouble, he will be able to catch up with them.
Therefore, the patient of indigestion is restricted to eat milk and sweet products.

Smoking, chewing gum and eating juice with stra may lead to stomach gas intensification. So avoid this kind of practice.
Artificial sugar, extra oil-greasy foods can also cause stomach gas problems. So they will have to eat with a limitation.


Stomach leaps occur when you have constipation. So to avoid constipation, eat fiber rich foods and drink plenty of water.

Those who are often crippled in digestion, they will be benefited by eating aloe vera juice. There is plenty of vitamins and minerals in the aloe vera juice. Which helps to remove digestive problems.

Aloe vera juice also helps to relieve constipation and gas problems.

It is found in any spice store to buy fennel. This spicy is a little sweet to taste. Eat a few dry fennel every time after eating.
After breakfast in the morning, lunch or dinner; swallow half a spoon or a little less dried fennel with chewing than it.
If there is problem in dry fennel eating, then squeeze a little water and eat. Eating regularly will keep digestive problems away forever and health will be good.

Eating ginger mixed with lemon juice is very beneficial to fix digestion problem.
1 teaspoon ginger paste, Half lemon juice; In this way mix all the ingredients together with light hot water and mix them together. It will rescue you from the disorder of digestion.

Papaya is a beneficial fruit to solve digestive problems. It contains the Papine and the cymmonappine enzyme. These two enzymes are helpful in digestion.
These enzymes clean up the stomach and solve digestive problems.
Bromeline enzyme contains in pineapple. Bromeline enzyme destroys the bacterial proteins for indigestion.
As a result of eating pineapple, stomach hives, diarrhea and indigestion problems are solved.

By eating or chewing these two fruits; You can get relieved from all the problems of digestion and all the stomach indigestion.

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